Wisconsin Medmark, Inc. is a recipient of the American Society of Training and Development award for best out-sourcing technical training series (earned for work with GEHC).
We have developed over 180 programs for the GE Company and created over 40 customized training programs for other clients. Our reputation for designing, developing and delivering spot-on, interactive and renewable training has been a foundation of our success over the last 27 years.
Our clients for training include: GE Healthcare, GE Healthcare Financial Services, GEHFS Vendor, Strong Funds, Lucent, Fusion, US Bank, and Intuit, to name a few.

Technical Sales Training:

Let us simplify your technical jargon and create a fun learning environment that’s content rich and work-focused. Our technical expertise is in healthcare economics, all equipment and devices, clinical applications and anatomy/ physiology. We have trained over 15,000 sales reps, engineers, manufacturing and marketing personnel worldwide.

Employee Orientations:

Research repeatedly demonstrates that successful on-boarding and orientation can extend the average retention of your employees. The cost equation weighs to the side of investment in orientation – accelerating knowledge of the company, providing an instant network to others getting their bearings and reinforcing the corporate message of values, strategy and execution. Our history in orienting new employees has been our most powerful referral mechanism. We have delivered orientation in 12 countries. Let us help you strengthen your employees’ ties with exciting and valuable messaging as they begin their careers with you.

Leadership Development:

We have developed courses for clients on leadership customized to reflect each unique corporate culture. The following are examples of our client-customized programs:
Coaching Skills
Consultative Selling Skills
Leadership Development Forum
Leading in Complex Environments
Leading Change
The following are programs owned and presented by Wisconsin Medmark, Inc. personnel:
Career Development Strategies©
Know Your Basic Anatomy©
Know Your Basic Finance©

Computer Based Training:

Let our experts develop state-of-the-art distance, CD or WEB based training. Our first programs were developed in 1991 and we continue to use technology to advance our message and reach out to attendees.

Course Evaluations:

Let us help you to determine training efficacy. We use in-depth surveys to determine the knowledge, skills and behaviors affected by training. We additionally link financial outcomes from training in specific circumstances. Evaluations are based on the level three and four assessments from Dr. Kirkpatrick’s model. We have validated investment in multi-week programs through our longitudinal studies of program efficacy up to one year after a program completes.