Strategic Planning

Wisconsin Medmark, Inc. has provided direction for numerous agencies, divisions and strategic business units to develop vision, strategy and initiatives that are implemented through executing action plans and measuring results.

Long Term Strategic Planning:

Let us help you identify market and customer trends. We can guide you past the boundaries built by experience and extensive market knowledge. Our outside viewpoint can solicit radical change to your market and customers to drive growth.

Strategy as Applied to Product Development:

Call on our experts at any phase — from assessing market needs to product introduction.
Market trends
Competitive trends
Product specifications
Clinical product evaluation
Clinical interface with engineering team
Technical documentation
SWOT expertise
We are a recognized leader in designing, obtaining and analyzing SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) information from clients’ key constituencies. We interpret and incorporate this voice of customer to help you in fund-raising, product development, and market expansion or merger/ acquisition direction.