Wisconsin Medmark, Inc.’s diverse client base keeps us on the cutting edge of what’s new in many key industries: healthcare, finance, IT, education. This means we can help advise you on how others in your industry are managing their change.


3M – new product design “Customer Satisfaction Survey ”
ABC Supply Corporation – documentation creation
Accent Care – workout and facilitation
ALaS – executive coaching and leadership, facilitation
Allen-Bradley Company – soft skill training
Alliance Imaging – technical and clinical training, documentation creation
Ambrosia Chocolate – soft skill training
Analogic Corporation – product design research, market research
Association of Fundraising Professionals – strategic planning
Auer Steel & Heating Supply – training
Aurora Health Care – soft skill training
Barton Products – training
Beatrice Cheese – training
Camtronics – product and customer design research
Castalloy Corp. – training
Competitive Edge – training
ControlRad – executive coaching
Dueco – strategic planning
Exact Sciences – training
First Banking Center – training
Firstar – training
Freedom Plastics – training
Fusion Sales Partners – executive coaching and leadership
GE Healthcare – marketing, executive coaching and leadership, training, training assessment
GE Healthcare Financial Services – strategic planning; facilitation; marketing; clinical, technical and soft skill training
GE Capital – marketing, facilitation, technical and soft skill training
GEHFS V&PS – facilitation, training
Generac – training
GetingeUSA – marketing, documentation, training and competitive research
Golden Guernsey Dairy – training
Goodwill Industries – training
Great Lakes Instruments – training
Howmedica – product definition research
Huffy Sports – training
Integra Life Sciences – facilitation and executive coaching
Intuit – executive coaching and leadership, training
InVivo Diagnostics – technical and clinical training
J & L Fiber Services – training
Jabil Circuits – executive coaching and leadership, training
Johnson Controls – training
KMS/Div KickHaefer Mfg. – training
Krudowski & Costello, S.C. – training
Lucas-Milhaupt – training
Lucent – Process definition and training
Lutheran Services – training
M.P.D.I. – market, product, pricing and competitive research
Marquette University (Advancement and IT Services) – strategic planning, performance management support, facilitation, training and coaching
Marquette University High School – strategic planning, facilitation
Master Lock – training
Matrix Imaging – product definition and competitive research
Mauna Kea Technologies – Executive Coaching
Medical Advances, Inc. – marketing support
Medical College of Wisconsin — facilitation
Mercury Computer Systems – facilitation, training and employee satisfaction research
Mercury Marine – training
Miller Brands – distributor assessment, satisfaction and growth research
Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra – strategic planning, facilitation
MPDI – marketing, strategic planning, training
[m]pirik – strategy
MR Focused Ultrasound Foundation — facilitation
MUHS – strategic planning
Naviscan – HR support, marketing and executive coaching
Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. – training
Novartis – coaching and facilitation
Olofsson-Pittler – market research
OSG Billing Services – executive coaching and leadership
Pactiv – Work-Right© training and facilitation
Peterbilt – training
Pixar – market and clinical research
R.B. Webber & Company – training
Raabe Corporation – training
Res Manufacturing – training
Rogan Imaging Corp – technical and clinical training
Roundy’s – Work-Right© process
Speed Queen – training
St. Francis Bank – training
Strong Funds – soft skill training
Sundstrand Corporation – training
Thomas Industries – training
United Performing Arts Fund – strategic planning, facilitation and research
US Bank – soft skill training
Vollrath Company – training
Watertown Metal Products – training
West Allis Savings Bank – training
Western Metal Specialty Div. – training
Wisconsin Educators Association – training
Wisconsin Electric Power Co. – “parachute” training support
Wispack – training
Woolsthorpe Technologies – marketing, clinical and competitive research
YMCA of Greater Milwaukee – training